Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunset over Hollinwood, Oldham

I was driving home from work one day and as I came off the motorway and was close to home I saw this amazing sunset. So I parked up and took some photographs.


Hydonian said...

Stunning sunset there!
I took some of Gee Cross the same night! :)

stefank60 said...

thanks hon. Have ya got a link to yours ? would love to see them :-)

Hydonian said...

Sorry, sent wrong links lol ....Here you go..


stefank60 said...

still not showing as images but I have added them as a post - hope that's OK ?


Hydonian said...

Yes ,of course it is.
Dont know what I've done wrong - too late a night last night ,methinks :)

stefank60 said...

LOL. No worries - they are up there now :-)

Gavin said...

some nice shots, really like the hollinwood sign

stefank60 said...

Thanks Gavin - I'm liking Hydonians shots too - even deeper colours

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